Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy (Birthday To Me) Halloween!!

As some of you may or may not know, last Wednesday was my birthday, my 21st birthday to be exact! Having my birthday fall on Halloween means that I have a natural affinity for the holiday, along with anything and everything of the spooky sort! I have fond memories of my earlier birthdays where me and my mam had a tradition of sorts of watching Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, along with the classic Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice and Casper (who else had a huge crush on the actor who played Casper in his human form, Devon Sawa?!?!) from the moment I woke up. All on good old VCR of course!

I had an excellent day, breakfast in bed watching NBC, a spot of retail therapy, and a ghost tour in the beautiful 17th century Huntington Castle, which I am kicking myself for not getting any pictures of, but I was in such a hurry to get in there I forgot to even take my phone with me! The ghost tour was brilliant, and yes, there were a few scares! One included a scary clown with a chainsaw.... Truly terrifying! Then I had a lovely meal with my best friends and went out for cocktails and tequila shots! I didn't dress up as anything per se, but my outfit was still spooky, I sewed several plastic spiders to one of my cardigans, wore the glittering spider fascinator that you can see in my previous post, and glued a whole cluster of confetti spiders to my face!

Kind of sad that Halloween is over now, but seeing as Christmas is already being shoved in everybody's face, I am sure that the Christmas feeling will soon take over! Got my fingers crossed for snow this year.....:3


  1. A clown with a chainsaw?! I like the sound of that! I tried taking some pictures on the ghost tour we went on but it was literally pitch black down in the vaults apart from a few small lights, my camera just wouldn't focus on anything!

    Your birthday celebrations sounded perfect, especially your awesome spider queen costume idea! I just love your spider fascinator and the spider confetti is so bloody cute! So gorgeous!

    Oh I'm on the side lines about snow.. I like it when I'm inside with nowhere to go because it makes me feel so cosy and warm but trudging through 6 inches of snow isn't fun! It makes grocery shopping a huge miserable affair!

    I'm already feeling the festive spirit! I got a large purple glittery reindeer today from Asda and TK Maxx had loads of awesome Christmas stock in! I went to see if there was any Hallowe'en décor left but there was sod all there! I did manage to get a purple and silver bat candle votive for £2 though which made me very happy!

    I really cannot wait to decorate this Christmas! Eeeeek! ~♥~

  2. I'm a teeny bit late, but Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful day (although I am not much of fan of clowns with chainsaws!)

    I am SO excited for Christmas (it's actually my favourite holiday). I'm itching to get my tree up and start decorating! I'm a bit torn when it comes to snow, I love it if I'm looking at it from afar and I don't have to go out in it but otherwise I'm not overly thrilled about it (although I do tend to forget just how much a disaster it is when I attempt to go out in it, haha).

  3. aww Hope you had a lovely Birthday, to be 21 again! Love your makeup as always, the spiders are so cute. I think I enjoy Halloween more than Christmas :P xxx

  4. oh god, clown with chainsaw = childhood nightmare. I've always hated clowns for a sad reason, but that would just totally creep me out. Casper is *the* cartoon ghost. The end. For cartoon creepiness I've also loved Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride or The Adam's Family - they don't give me the heebie jeebies but they're so amazingly animated! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Can't wait for Christmas as well - it's an excuse for some retail therapy ;) x

  5. Awww Happy belated birthday lovely Aoife! You look stunning as always. Hope you had a wonderful one, how awesome that it falls on halloween! Ooooh the ghost tour sounds incredible, I'm an absolute pansy but would still love to do something like that just for fun! By the way...guess who finally got a Glitter Goth Rococulus Necklace for her birthday this year...*squeals!* :D I'm absolutely in LOVE with it & plan to blog it soon. Thank you so much for introducing me to such pretty jewelery huny :)

  6. Happy belayed birthday! I think its awesome to have bday on Halloween :) 21 is a great age, I wish I was 21 again ;) Im glad you spent that special day so well :)

  7. Happy belated birthday! That is pretty neat that you were born on Halloween!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday, I thought I had commented on this post but alas I guess I did not. I wish my birthday was Halloween day, that is really cool. I definitely had a crush on Devon Sawa as a kid, the movie 'Casper' always makes me feel a little sad though. It sounds like you had a pretty fabulous birthday and happy 21st year!


  9. Oh my dear happy very much belated b-day! Wishes for a perfect life with love, money, happiness and health above all!!!! May always be so sweet and beautiful as you are now!!!! <3

  10. Those spiders look awesome :3

    Please do check out my makeup/style blog as well: Thank you! :)

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